Rate And Policy Changes

As your local service provider, TMLP works diligently every day to provide exceptional and reliable electric service to your home and business. We recognize that escalating energy costs are strenuous to your budget, especially those 'un-expected' spikes in energy costs which come as a surprise to everyone.

To stem these spikes, we perform an on-going evaluation throughout the year to project all the future anticipated costs in the power supply, transmission, and local distribution of electricity. With this projected knowledge, a 'Cost of Service' evaluation is done every year for each rate class and when necessary we will adjust our rates to cover those costs. Any changes (up or down) to our rates are not casual decisions but thorough and thought-filled decisions on how best to provide reliable service for our 36,000 customers.

Our overall goal is to analyze and plan those costs ahead of time to give you the best and most stable electric rates possible. With that knowledge, you can then best manage your budget appropriately.