Net Metering

Net Metering is available to residential, commercial, and industrial customers owning and operating renewable generating facilities for the purpose of offsetting all or part of the customer’s own electric needs.

TMLP currently has two net metering categories, one for customers with generating systems of 60kW or less and the second for customers with generating systems between 60kw and 2,000kw. In order to qualify for Net Metering the size of the total system may not exceed the customer’s highest peak demand for the preceding 12 months. The availability of net metering to a customer is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Net Metering agreement and/or tariff. TMLP may limit the cumulative generating capacity of all such facilities in its service territory and the availability of this service.

Individuals interested in building renewable generating facilities within the TMLP service territory and not fitting this description should contact the TMLP to discuss the possibility of a Purchase Power Agreement. Please contact TMLP's Senior Resource Analyst at 508.824.3129.

Customers who intend to also install a battery backup system alongside a solar installation should also fill out the Battery Backup Verification form (available below).

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