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Employment Information

The Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant hires in accordance with Civil Service rules and regulations.

The opening is first posted for potential promotion from within the organization. If TMLP is unable to fill the vacancy from within, the next step is to send for the Civil Service list. Occasionally, the TMLP does consider transfer from another City department to TMLP or from State Service to TMLP if certain conditions are met.

To apply for any Labor Service positions, inquiries can be made at the Human Resources Department in the temporary City Hall offices at 141 Oak Street, Taunton MA (the former Lowell Maxham School)

To apply for Official Service examinations, check the website of the Massachusetts Human Resources Department at www.mass.gov/anf/employment-equal-access-disability/oversight-agencies/hrd

Applications for tests are available at the Human Resources Department (141 Oak Street, Taunton) and TMLP.

We occasionally make provisional appointments when there is no available Civil Service list for the position. If you want to be considered if this should happen, fill out an Employment Application, resumé, and cover letter and forward them to the General Manager's Office, TMLP, P.O. Box 870, Taunton, MA. 02780 or leave them with the Receptionist.

A form-fillable Adobe Acrobat Reader version of the Employment Application is available, but because TMLP requires a written signature on all applications, you will need to print the filled form out, sign and date it, and submit it as noted in the previous paragraph for it to be considered.

For further information regarding the hiring process please contact the Human Resources Administrator, at 508.824.3183.   For information specific to the Civil Service process, contact the Confidential Secretary at 508.824.3103.


The TMLP has six major departments.

Power Production: Handles the generation of electricity at Cleary-Flood Station.

Transmission and Distribution: Handles getting the electricity to the actual customers.

Energy Services and Planning: Handles buying and selling electricity in large and small quantities and energy conservation programs.

Customer Care: Handles customer bills, accounting, clerical, meter-reading etc.

Special Services: Handles special projects (focuses on multidiscipline project implementation; internal Management Information Systems (MIS) (computers, networks and associated software; and Internet Services Group (ISG) which provides external Internet/data network services and fiber optic network operations and maintenance.

Accounting: The Accounting Department is responsible for the accuracy of the financial statements of the company. In addition, we work with our independent audit firm to ensure that our financial statements are fairly presented in conformity with generally accepted accounting standards.

In addition to the six major departments, There are various groups under the direction of the General Manager that include Environmental Compliance, Human Resources, Purchasing and Public Communications.

TMLP employs a variety of different positions in these departments. Examples include:

  • Clerical (Clerk Typists) (O) (*)
  • Accountants (O) (*)
  • Programmers (O)
  • Meter Readers (O) (*)
  • Electric Meter Repairmen (L)
  • Apprentice Electric Meter Repairman (L)
  • Second Class Steam Firemen (requires State license) (O) (*) (+)
  • Second Class Stationary Engineer (requires State license) (O) (*) (+)
  • Instrument Technicians (O)
  • Electric Station Operators (O) (+) (*)
  • Storekeepers (O)
  • Assistant Storekeepers (O) (*)
  • Building Custodians (O)
  • Linemen (requires CDL license) (L)
  • Apprentice Linemen (requires CDL license) (L)
  • Mechanical Engineers (requires degree) (O) (*)
  • Electrical Engineers (requires degree) (O) (*)
  • Civil Engineers (requires degree) (O)
  • Power Plant Equipment Repairmen (L)
  • Power Plant Equipment Maintenance Men (L)
  • Electric Station Equipment Repairmen (L)
  • Motor Equipment Repairmen (L)
  • Motor Equipment Maintenance Men (L) (*)
  • Construction Handyman/Laborer (L) (*)
  • Welder (L)
  • Millwright (L)

Notation Key:

* = More common entry-level positions
+ = Shift workers
O = Official Service
L = Labor Service