Clean Energy Programs

TMLP & DOER MLP Solar Rebate Program Qualifications & Details:

The Solar Rebate Program offers financial incentives to our Residential customers intending to install a photovoltaic (solar) array on the property they own. The rebate incentive for a submitted project will be:

$.60 per watt installed, up to a maximum rebate level of $4,500 from the TMLP and $.60 per watt installed, up to a maximum rebate level of $4,500 from the DOER totaling a maximum rebate of $9,000. Rebates will equal no more than 1/2 the installed cost of any system.

In order for a customer to be eligible for TMLP and DOER’s MLP Solar Rebate Program Incentive, the following conditions must exist:

  • Customer must own the solar array (Leasing is not allowed). Copy of customer-contractor executed agreement required prior to receiving approval to build.
  • Customer is an active residential or non-profit electric account with the TMLP for at least 6 months.
  • Customer active account must have a $0 balance.
  • Proposed photovoltaic arrays may be any size (pending TMLP approval), but the rebate will be calculated at $ .60 per watt up to 7.5 KW, or $ 4500 maximum.
  • For systems under 7.5 KW, TMLP will issue a supplemental rebate so the customer can receive the maximum TMLP rebate amount of $4,500. For example, a system that is 5 KW will receive $.60 per watt from TMLP + the supplemental rebate and $.6 from the DOER or ($3,000 TMLP rebate + $3,000 DOER rebate + $1,500 TMLP supplemental rebate equaling a grand total of $7,500).
  • Projects must be approved by TMLP & DOER prior to installation (approximately 8 week timeframe).
  • Projects must also be completed by licensed electricians and professional, licensed contractors.
  • Customer must sign the TMLP net metering agreement and an interconnection agreement (documents available below)
  • Required 1-line diagram must be designed and state, "AC Disconnect will be no further than 4' from utility meter."
  • If customer intends to also install a battery backup system alongside their solar installation, they must also fill out the Battery Backup Verification form (document available below)
  • Contractor must provide copy of customer invoice showing payment prior to receiving the Permission to Operate and rebate submission.
  • See Contractor Packet information at ENE for required meter installation.
  • The customer must also comply with the DOER program to qualify for the DOER incentive.

The anticipated process will be as follows:

  1. Solar contractor/customer will provide the necessary TMLP & DOER applications, agreements and diagrams. DOER Required Documents available here
  2. TMLP will first approve qualifications and interconnection criteria as it relates to TMLP standards prior to participation in the program.
  3. Once TMLP approves the packet it will be forwarded to ENE for review of DOER program qualifications. If complete, it will then be submitted to the DOER for their approval. If not, ENE will work with the solar contractor until properly completed.
  4. The DOER will review and give ENE/TMLP the approval to begin building the solar array, which will then be communicated to the customer and solar contractor. This will take approximately 8 weeks.
  5. Once the system has passed final inspection and the customer has received 'Permission to Operate' letter from TMLP, the DOER will send their portion of the rebate money to ENE who will forward to TMLP. Then TMLP will forward the DOER rebate directly to the customer.
  6. TMLP will issue our rebate in the same manner as our current program.*

    *Please note customer may receive 2 rebate checks (1 check from TMLP but the other check from ENE on behalf of the DOER) depending on how long it takes to receive the DOER money. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing and payment.
  7. The revised TMLP Solar Rebate program to be implemented for the duration of the DOER MLP program, and to return to the TMLP preexisting Solar Rebate program once the DOER program has ended or funding has been exhausted.
  8. Residential customers interested in this program can download the necessary TMLP forms here:

    TMLP Required Forms & Information:

    DOER MLP Solar Rebate Program Forms & Information:

    Energy New England (ENE) will be our point of contact with the DOER. Please visit the below link for DOER requirements and forms.

    Please submit completed TMLP & DOER forms to

    Allow 8 weeks for the initial approval to build and another 8 weeks for customer to receive rebate checks after providing required rebate documentation.