Clean Energy Programs

***DOER has not launched their MLP Solar Rebate Program yet. When they do, this website page will be updated with the information. You can submit your application in our current program or choose to wait for the DOER's MLP Program. If you choose to wait for the DOER MLP program launch, please note our paperwork may change based on the DOER's specifications.***

Solar Rebate Program

The Solar Rebate Program offers financial incentives to our Residential customers intending to install a photovoltaic (solar) array on the property they own. The rebate incentive for a submitted project will be $1.50 per watt installed, up to a maximum rebate level of $4,500.

In order for a Customer to be eligible for TMLP’s Solar Rebate Program Incentive, the following conditions must exist:

  • Customer must own the solar array (Leasing is not allowed). Copy of customer-contractor executed agreement required prior to receiving approval to build.
  • Customer is an active residential or non-profit electric account with the TMLP for at least 6 months.
  • Customer active account must have a $0 balance.
  • Proposed photovoltaic arrays may be any size (pending TMLP approval), but the rebate will be calculated at $ 1.50 per watt up to 3 KW, or $ 4500 maximum
  • Projects must be approved by TMLP prior to installation.
  • Projects must also be completed by licensed electricians and professional, licensed contractors.
  • Customer must sign a net metering agreement and an interconnection agreement (documents available below)
  • If customer intends to also install a battery backup system alongside their solar installation, they must also fill out the Battery Backup Verification form (document available below)
  • Contractor must provide copy of customer invoice showing payment prior to receiving the Permission To Operate and rebate submission.

Residential customers interested in this program can download the necessary forms here:

Please note that while most of the form can be filled on your computer, you must print it out in order to submit it because it requires original signatures from both the customer and the solar installer. Email scanned applications to or mail completed applications to:

TMLP Solar Rebate Program
PO Box 870
Taunton, MA 02780-870