Appliance Rebates

Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant is pleased to offer rebates to customers purchasing selected energy efficient ENERGY STAR appliances, including refrigerators, clothes washing machines, room unit air conditioners and dishwashers.

ENERGY STAR appliances have been identified being significantly more energy efficient than the average comparable model. Such appliances have the ENERGY STAR logo on the yellow Energy Guide label that is attached to the appliance. (See Eligible list of Appliances at

In order for a Customer to be eligible for TMLP’s Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate incentive, the following conditions must exist:

  • Customer is an active residential electric account with the TMLP for at least 6 months, has a zero balance, and has not received a previous rebate in the same calendar year.
  • Customer purchased an ENERGY STAR appliance (e.g. refrigerators, clothes washing machines, room AC units, dishwashers) between January 1st and December 31 in the calendar year of the initiative.
  • Customer has submitted a completed Appliance Rebate form as well as original copy of all sales receipts
  • Appliance must be installed at the account location of the Customer of record
  • TMLP reserves the right to inspect the installation on premises.

This offer is available for a limited time and is only valid while funds last.

Download Appliance Rebate Form